Our Passion Defines Us

Our passion is driven by the potential of what modern boat building can aspire to.  Boat building is more than a job, it is a way of life that provides the ultimate reward when we provide you with a vessel that allows you to achieve your operational needs.  We recognise that the workboat is a key component of your company capability and image, and it needs to carry out its duties without any hindrance.  To do this you need a vessel with a design that is based on a forward-thinking mindset with attention to detail, superior performance and the agility of an athlete.

As an ambitious company we strive to lead the HDPE vessel sector through a continuous research and design agenda to manufacture the incomparable vessel with a first-class quality and customer experience.  With vessels both in the UK and around the world, the hull form that launched the respected and proven SeaViper has evolved to position it as the preferred choice for the modern mariner.  

The HDPE workboat is about looking to the future, using innovative materials and technology to adopt a brand-new freedom and incorporate new ideas whilst striving for the exceptional in modern workboat and cross-over vessel design.  We are motivated to be the preferred modern workboat choice, to design and build a class-leading iconic vessel that not only sets the bench mark for HDPE boats but delivers performance alongside a sense of adventure for its crew.