Designed to Work – Built to Endure

The workboat in many instances is required to be a multi-role vessel with the need to maintain operational continuity without compromising on functionality such as the availability of working deck space, capability to operate in arduous sea and weather conditions, a robust and hard-wearing fendering system, a high performing engine and propulsion configuration, and crew comfort while being a safe and proficient sea-keeping vessel at all times. 

Seaviper HDPE workboat ready to outfit

Bare Boat Stock – Ready to Outfit

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The SeaViper Workboat

Designed to embody resourcefulness without compromising on its ability to operate in arduous sea and weather conditions.  It has the flexibility to meet a wide spectrum of applications i.e. crew transfer, fast response, dive, patrol, pilot, rescue or survey, all with deck accommodation choices i.e. console, cuddy or wheelhouse, engine and propulsion options and fitted deck equipment devised to meet your working requirements, operational efficiencies and crew comfort.

The Optimus Landing Craft

Seahorse designed and built the first HDPE landing craft in 2014 initially aimed at the commercial operator.  Conceived around maximising the availability of working deck space alongside excellent load carrying capabilities, it provides an excellent solution for the cross-over industry who are seeking a vessel for transporting a variety of equipment, machinery and cargo i.e. excavation machinery, aggregates, loose cargo, livestock, off-road vehicles or bikes and outdoor living equipment i.e. tents (live aboard or stand-alone), barbeques and outdoor pursuits stations. 

The SeaKite

The SeaKite is designed as a rigid buoyant boat (RBB) and is the alternative to the rigid hulled inflatable boat (RHIB) which replaces the RHIB inflatable collar with a robust and lightweight HDPE sponson (tube).  With the same SeaViper hull design without the accompanying maintenance responsibilities of the traditional RHIB, it delivers excellent robust sea-keeping performance and permanent intact buoyancy to position it as an excellent cross-over boat such as a daughter craft, small rescue, fast ship to shore transfer or inshore patrol craft.   


Designed with a flat-shaped bottom primarily for its cargo carrying capabilities, they offer a large stable working platform for inshore or sea port use.  With the natural buoyancy and lighter weight of the HDPE, the barge is an excellent towing platform by tugs for cargo movement.  Shellfish barges are designed as independent vessels that operate in shallow water and propelled by small outboard engines.  They provide a large working deck space for the operation of equipment, mussel ropes and the transport of mussels, oysters etc to the quayside. 


A flotation unit designed as an easy to move modular unit that is adaptable for temporary or permanent marine use.   As a modular unit it a perfect option for supporting existing facilities during renovation or providing temporary solutions for marina activities that require additional access to moored vessels.

Vessel Repairs and Updates

Repair and maintenance centres on ensuring vessel downtime is minimised and vessel operational time is maximised.  Whether you require routine or emergency repairs we can respond quickly to meet your needs.  Within the modern business climate, it is not unusual for a vessel refit or re-purpose to be the solution to an operational problem when either time, finances or both inhibit a new build.  We offer an expert consultation to ensure a vessel upgrading meets your needs combined with service support to maximise life-span.

Engineering Projects

Using HDPE and similar thermoplastics provides opportunities to transform metal assemblies into cost saving alternatives without compromising on operational requirements.  Technical review of the product design and material selection, and re-engineering from metal and GRP to plastic contributes to reductions in production timescales and costs whilst still maintaining the quality you require.